How to create a mobile web site

A 'mobile web site' is a version of a website which is easily viewable on a mobile phone. Creating a dedicated, mobile friendly version of your organisation's website can be a way of broadening the reach of your message. Accessing the internet on a mobile phone is becoming increasingly popular as data rates decrease in costs and more phones are equipped with wifi connections.

Security considerations

Issues & problems

  • It is still difficult to transmit content directly from your mobile phone to your blog or website and in order to do this you may have to pay to sign up with a proprietary service provider, which may require you to send multimedia messages via an overseas phone number.
  • The quality of video images captured on mobile phones is poor, and unsuitable for most uses unless your organisation is prepared to invest heavily in a top end mobile phone, or you really can use the most rudimentary moving images or sounds.

People's media in advocacy work

Why use mobile phones for people's media?

Many mobile phones can document events in photos, sound recordings and even video images. These recordings can help your work a great deal.

People's media

People's media means ordinary individuals and groups using media technology to create and disseminate content; this can be anything from images from demonstrations to reports on human rights abuses. In advocacy work this means that individuals and organisations are able to collect and spread information and reports about things that matter to them.

How can mobiles help?

Fundraising & resource mobilisation

Mobile phones are increasingly being used for facilitating financial transactions and for marketing and promotion work. They can also be invaluable for raising money from the communities you work with.

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