Resources you will need

If you're looking to use mobiles in your advocacy and activism work you will need to assess what resources your organisation has available.

For more information on how to budget for a mobile phone advocacy project see our section on Budgetting for mobile advocacy.

Budgeting for mobile advocacy

When your organisation decides to implement a project using mobile phones it is important to compare the cost of the project with the potential benefits it might bring.

If you prepare a budget and analyse how investment in a mobile advocacy project compares to investing in alternative methods, it is easier to make changes to existing budget allocations or to raise new funds in order to set up the programme or to keep up with the costs of running it. You may need to calculate pricing models if the project needs to sustain itself or generate revenues for the organisation.


The small size, relatively low cost and constant mobility of mobile phones make them invaluable for advocacy work but also make them more likely to be stolen, temporarily misplaced, lost or confiscated.

The use of mobile devices creates new security risks which NGOs and advocates must recognise in order to protect themselves, their organisations and the people they work with. This section of the toolkit will show you how to minimise these risks.

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