Using mobiles to update blogs and websites

You can use your mobile phone to update your organisation's blog or website.

There is enormous potential in using mobile phones to update blogs and websites; unfortunately it is still fairly challenging to do although this is likely to change in the next few years.

Getting media off your phone

Once you have captured your pictures, video and sound you need to get it onto your computer in order to later incorporate it into your organisation's campaign communications or your blogpost.

There are various ways to get images, sounds and videos from your phone to your computer;

Making the most of your camera phone

Camera phones can make a great impact to your organisation's advocacy work - whether it is part of a People's media programme or as a means of capturing and documenting the everyday work of your organisation. This quick guide will help you make the most of your camera phone.

How to use and manage bulk SMS services using a website

There are commercial services available which allow you to send and receive large numbers of SMS messages. This how-to will show you how to use one of the leading commercial services to manage this service.

How to create a ring tone

Ring tones can be a great way for your organisation to market itself or promote a cause.

How to create a mobile web site

A 'mobile web site' is a version of a website which is easily viewable on a mobile phone. Creating a dedicated, mobile friendly version of your organisation's website can be a way of broadening the reach of your message. Accessing the internet on a mobile phone is becoming increasingly popular as data rates decrease in costs and more phones are equipped with wifi connections.

How to set up an SMS hub

An SMS hub is a stand-alone system which allows you to send and receive large numbers of text messages via the mobile phone network, without needing to be connected to the internet or to any other computer network.

This guide will introduce you to FrontlineSMS - a tool specifically designed for use by NGOs which can be used with a mobile phone or GSM modem.

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