Mobiles in-a-box and what it has achieved

Mobiles in-a-box was created in close consultation with more than 50 mobile technologists and rights advocates, most of them based in Africa, during the period 2007-08. Since this time Mobiles in-a-box has been very well received by rights groups around the world and it has been used to create and support many mobile advocacy projects.

Since releasing the materials in November 2008 (in both French and English) we have sent out more than 4,000 hard copies of this toolkit around the world, while the website has been used by many tens of thousands of people. People who have completed our online evaluation have told us they have used the toolkit to produce all kinds of projects – from an SMS child rights awareness and advocacy project in Tanzania to an urban environmental monitoring project in India.

We are no longer updating Mobiles in-a-box but we have used a Creative Commons license that allows people to translate, adapt and extend the contents included in this toolkit. If you'd like to discuss this with us, please feel free to email us.

Below are just a few of the comments we have received from users of the toolkit:

“I finished a small research project for Plan Finland to assess the potential of mobile phones for their community development work in Africa. I would like to say that I found your toolkit on mobile phones the most useful thing in terms of choosing what to use, for what and how. I almost felt there was not much for me to add, as you have skillfully combined the social and organisational considerations with the technical side, which is rare to see.”
Hannah Beardon, ICT Consultant, Finland

"Mobiles in-a-box is what every non techie involved in campaigns and advocacy NEEDS. It has enhanced our work on mobiles for transformation in terms of the opportunities it affords us of skipping the services of techies and it has helped us operate efficiently. We are now commencing a project on human rights mobile hub that will utilise some of the techniques stated in the toolkit."
Christiana Charles-Iyoha, Centre for Policy Develment (PolDeC) Nigeria

“I am working as a community facilitator for a rural development program in Indonesia. Mobiles are massive, even people living in rural areas are quite familiar and already have access to mobile phones. Mobiles in a box, especially the case studies, gives me insight on how to reach a larger audience and keep them up-to-date with the the work we are doing. Now I'm no longer using mobiles only to stay in touch...but far beyond that.”
Taibah Istiqamah, environmental campaigner, Indonesia

“We have planned to launch a campaign around mobile phone activity for some time. 'Mobiles-in-a -Box' has given us the motivation to finally do it. Thanks for the boost!”
Jack Byrne, Near Media Co-op, Ireland

“Mobiles-in-a-box has contributed towards empowering staff in my organisation towards providing access to information, and training, mostly in the rural communities. We used it as a guide to mobilise for a campaign on MUTAPOLA – stopping violence against Women (VAW) in Nigeria. In the future we would be using the mobiles in-a-box to foster mobilisation of youths and women groups to go into agriculture and I am going to use mobiles in a box to fight climate change ...and to provide education through SMS.”
Nnadi Kevin, International Center for Accelerated Development, Nigeria

“I have used [Mobiles in-a-box] to train the Human rights defenders and the Congolese women's NGOs in Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa).”
Gabriel Bombambo Boseko, Tic Pour Tous/ Front Line, DRC

“I've used mobiles in-a-box for some environmental campaigns in India. It is a good reference book for any campaigner and very resourceful!”
Shibu K Nair, Thanal, India

“We are using Mobiles in-a-box for new corruption education program targeting various groupings. The program is focused in Papua New Guinea and it is designed to educate people on the impact of corruption on their daily lives with an aim to help them make responsible choices during elections.”
Anonymous, Papua New Guinea

If you'd like to learn about how we created this toolkit you can ask for us a copy of our report on this process. ttc [at] tacticaltech [dot] org