Tools on a mobile phone

Applications such as Shozu will allow you to publish and share multimedia content, such as photos, from your phone onto websites such as blogs, social networking or photo sharing sites. Some applications are used for communications: Gizmo or Fring allow you to access your instant messaging or Skype account to send text or voice messages. If you are using tools such as Gizmo, Fring or Shozu you should bear in mind that they send information via mobile data connections, which can be very expensive. 

Installing applications on your phone

There are two ways of installing applications on your phone: directly from the internet via a browser on your mobile phone (which can expensive and relies on you having a reliable data connection), or from your computer.

To install applications from your computer you download the application to your computer's hard drive first and then transfer it to your mobile phone. There are two main ways of accomplishing this transfer:

  • Using a wireless Bluetooth or infra-red connection. To do this, both your mobile phone and your computer must support this type of connection.
  • Using a data cable to connect the USB port of your computer to your mobile phone.


Use Skype, or your favourite instant messaging application, on your mobile phone.

Fring is a mobile application which uses VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol - the technology that makes the transmission of voice calls over the internet possible) to allow instant voice and text messaging to other users of the application and to users of other similar PC-based services including Skype, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN Messenger and Twitter. It uses a 3G or GPRS internet connection from your phone, or Wi-Fi if your phone has this function.


Make cheaper phone calls and log in to your favourite instant messaging application on your mobile phone

Gizmo is a communications application which is installed on your phone. You can also use it to send voicemail messages via email. Gizmo requires a data connection to work so you need either a 3G or GPRS data connection from your phone or Wi-Fi. A version is also available for your computer.


Publish multimedia content on the internet from your mobile phone

Shozu is an application which you can install on your phone to allow you to upload videos and photos from your mobile phone to your online sharing sites, blogs (such as your Wordpress blog), email address and newsrooms.