Tools for mobile phone plus a computer connected to the internet or to a server

A server is usually a dedicated desktop computer running programmes (server applications) which help the applications on connected computers to work. Servers are often unattended and are left running for extended periods of time. Examples of server applications are Apache (a web server) and Asterisk (described later in this section).

Interactive voice response systems

Interactive Voice Response, or IVR systems, run on computers. They handle incoming phone calls and provide callers with a range of automated options, allowing them to report specific events or get specific information.

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Online services for creating mobile websites

Mobile websites are created according to the mobile industry standard (.mobi). This standard means that sites are designed and built in an agreed, uniform manner and are compatible with a wide range of mobile phone handsets. Having a version of your website for mobile phones is a good idea because it means that people without access to computers and people on the move can access your organisation's website.


MobiSiteGalore is an online service which allows the building of mobile phone internet sites. offer an online service which allows the building of mobile phone internet sites. The free version will display Google ads on your site.

Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit

Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit enables you to create content such as web-pages and multimedia messages (MMS) which are viewable on a phone. This toolkit will give you a preview on your computer screen of what the site or message looks like on a mobile phone