Using mobiles to update blogs and websites

You can use your mobile phone to update your organisation's blog or website.

There is enormous potential in using mobile phones to update blogs and websites; unfortunately it is still fairly challenging to do although this is likely to change in the next few years.

Some proprietary blogging systems such as Blogger, Orkut and Livejournal will allow you to update your blog via your mobile phone.

This is also true of many of the popular social networking sites such as Facebook and photos and videos can be posted directly to websites such as Flickr and Youtube. You can install an application called Shozu on your phone which will allow you to transfer images directly from your phone to the various photo-sharing and social networking sites. Shozu is installed directly on your phone and will not work on all mobile phones.

If you have a Wordpress blog you can use the Wphone plugin. This is a plugin which is installed on your Wordpress server which gives you access to a special administration interface designed for your phone which will allow you to update your blog. Or if you are using the blogging platform Typepad you can use the Typepad mobile application.

If your website does not use this system you should transfer material to your computer or send the material as an email or MMS from your phone.