Protest actions

Mobile phones are a crucial tool for the preparation, coordination and conduct of mobilisations, demonstrations and other events. SMS can be used to publicise demonstrations by sending messages which can then be spread exponentially, with recipients forwarding the messages to multiple friends and family members and to supporters of the cause in question.

During demonstrations mobile phones can be used for coordination, for example to inform people about changes in route. They can also be used to let leaders know about any arrests as well as to initiate quick action at the police stations where activists may be held.

The 'microblogging' service Twitter can be updated via SMS and can be used to trigger protest actions such as sending emails and SMS messages. The Zimbabwean group Sokwanele have been using their Twitter account to post action alerts during the recent post-election violence.

Ringtones can be used as a solidarity tool so people can demonstrate their support for an issue - read more on using ringtones to popularise an issue and How to create a ring tone.