People's media

People's media means ordinary individuals and groups using media technology to create and disseminate content; this can be anything from images from demonstrations to reports on human rights abuses. In advocacy work this means that individuals and organisations are able to collect and spread information and reports about things that matter to them.

This section of the toolkit explains ways of using the multimedia capacities of mobile phones to publish reports on local or national events, to take photographs, and to record sound or video. Organisations are also able to use mobile phones to establish new media channels for their content by setting up mobile friendly versions of their websites. We look at how this is done, what tools are available and how people's media can make the work of your organisation more effective.

In other parts of the toolkit you can find out about using mobiles to update blogs and websites, about getting media off your phone, about enabling participation by using SMS for monitoring, about how to create a mobile web site and about tools and services for people's media.