Build and publish a version of a website that can be viewed on any mobile phone.

Who's it for: MobiSiteGalore can be used by organisations who wish to create a mobile-friendly version of their website. This is especially useful if an organisation has a dynamic news site that they wish people to be able to access on the move.

Investment required: MobiSiteGalore is easy to use. Since it is an online service you will need an internet connection to use it and you will need to have an existing site to modify. You will need to buy an additional .mobi domain name for your site.

Description: MobiSiteGalore is an online service which allows the building of mobile internet sites to the .mobi standard (this is an industry standard which ensures that sites are designed and built in an agreed, uniform manner, and are compatible with the wide range of handsets on the market. A separate, dedicated website which explains these standards, and allows you to check that the site is working correctly is available at


Version: 2.0

Cost: Free

Languages: English

System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Computer OS that can connect to the Internet and run a web browser
  • Hardware: Desktop/Laptop computer with internet connection.
  • Additional software/plug-ins required:
    • Register .mobi domain
    • Web Hosting Server Provider

Installation Level: Easy

Usage Level: Easy

Troubleshooting Level: Easy

Downloads and/or Service Links:

Registration Page

Additional Resources: (FAQs, tutorials, documentations, manuals)