How to use and manage bulk SMS services using a website

There are commercial services available which allow you to send and receive large numbers of SMS messages. This how-to will show you how to use one of the leading commercial services to manage this service.

What software you can use

BulkSMS offers a desktop package called BulkSMS messenger that you can download from their website at

Read the manual for the software Media:BulkSMS_Text_Messenger_Help_Manual.pdf

Alternatively you can use their system online through an easy to use web interface.

Read the FAQs online or read as a PDF Media:BULKSMSFAQ.pdf

What hardware you will need

The BulkSMS service can run from a website so you can use any computer that is connected to the internet.

The BulkSMS text messenger software runs on a PC only.

What documentation is available

How easy is it to do?

Both the Web and the desktop applications are very straightforward to use and require little technical expertise.

How much will it cost?

Below are some suggested costs in different regions for SMS charges.

Other things you should know

BulkSMS is only one of many bulk SMS services - other leading suppliers include Clickatell.

Check the Google Directory for more suppliers.