How to create a mobile web site

A 'mobile web site' is a version of a website which is easily viewable on a mobile phone. Creating a dedicated, mobile friendly version of your organisation's website can be a way of broadening the reach of your message. Accessing the internet on a mobile phone is becoming increasingly popular as data rates decrease in costs and more phones are equipped with wifi connections.

What software you can use

Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit

To install NMIT, you will need:

  • The .zip file containing the software and its installation wizard
  • A product serial number that you will use when you run the installation wizard

At no cost to you, you can get both directly from If you are not already a
registered member of Forum Nokia, you will need to register (also at no cost) before you can
download the packages. Registration involves providing:

  • A user name
  • A password
  • An email address to which the serial number is sent

What hardware you will need

You will need a computer with the following specification;

Operating System/s:

  • Microsoft Windows Professional 2000 (Service Pack 3)
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional (SP1a)

Additional software/plug-ins required:

  • Javaâ„¢ Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4.1_02 or later.
  • Nokia Mobile Browser Simulator 4.0
  • Nokia WAP Gateway Simulator 4.0

What documentation is available

This document describes what you need to know and do to install the Nokia
Toolkit 4.1 with the Nokia Update Manager 2.0.

Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit (NMIT) is a set of editors for creating various types of mobile
Internet content and previewing this content on various supported phone SDKs. Such content types includes:

  • Browser content
  • MMS messages (Multimedia Messaging Services)
  • Push messages
  • DRM messages (Digital Rights Management) content.

Nokia Update Manager (NUM) runs periodically and displays updates for products
your system. These updates are available from 

How much will it cost?

The toolkit is free - you just need to register with Forum Nokia to get a serial number.

Mobile website design

Because of the small screen and limited user interaction designing websites for viewing on a mobile phone presents challenges for the designer. The Mobile Web guidelines issued by the W3C offer some best practice statements which cover the following areas;

  • Overall Behavior
  • Navigation and Links
  • Page Layout and Content
  • Page Definition
  • User Input