Login to your favourite instant messaging application and make VOIP calls on your mobile.

Who's it for: Gizmo is designed for personal use but could be useful for an organisation with geographically dispersed staff in different countries wanting to use VOIP or instant messaging for internal communications.

Investment required: Gizmo is free software and is easy to install if your phone is supported. Once installed the cost of using it depends on the mobile data costs charged by your operator. If an organisation wishes to invest in this kind of technology its worth investigating whether a local mobile operator has a cheap data package available. You can also purchase credit from the company; this enables you to communicate with regular landlines and mobiles. There are two ways to buy credit: either on your phone via the online Gizmo Account Manager or online through your computer.

Gizmo is an application for your phone which uses VOIP (the technology that enables voice to be transmitted over the internet) to allow instant messaging to other users of the application and users of other PC-based services including MSN, AIM, Yahoo! and Jabber. It also allows you to make low cost calls. It uses the mobile data 3G or GPRS connection from your phone or Wi-Fi if your phone has this functionality.


License: Freeware / End User Level Agreement

Cost: Free software, mobile data costs charged by your operator for calling other Gizmo users. You can also purchase credit via your phone or the Gizmo website so you can communicate with regular landlines and mobile phones not using Gizmo.

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese

System Requirements:

Gizmo works on many modern mobile phones (please view for supported phones)

Installation Level: Easy

Usage Level: Easy

Troubleshooting Level: Moderate

Downloads and/or Service Links:

Go to to send Gizmo directly to your phone.

How do I install Gizmo5 for mobile phones? (PDF)

How do I manually configure my Nokia phone to use my Gizmo5 account? (PDF)

How do I setup Gizmo5?

Additional Resources: (FAQs, tutorials, documentations, manuals)