Use Skype, or your favourite instant messaging application on your mobile phone.

Who's it for: Fring is designed for personal use but could be useful for an organisation with geographically dispersed staff in different countries wanting to use VOIP or instant messaging for internal communications.

Investment required: Fring is free software and is easy to install if your phone is supported. Once installed the cost of using it depends on the mobile data costs charged by your operator.If an organisation wishes to invest in this kind of technology its worth investigating whether a local mobile operator has a cheap data package available.


Fring is an application for your phone which uses VOIP (the technology that enables voice to be transmitted over the internet) to allow instant messaging to other users of the application and users of other PC-based services including Skype, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN Messenger and Twitter. It uses the mobile data 3G or GPRS connection from your phone or Wi-Fi if your phone has this function.


Version: 3.35(12)


Mobile software is proprietary.

Service is based on User Agreement

Languages: English, Chinese

System Requirements:

  • Operating System/s:
    • Symbian OS
    • Windows Mobile OS
  • Hardware:
    • 3G or Wi-Fi Symbian 8 or 9, Windows Mobile 5 or 6 handset with 3G/GPRS/Wi-Fi network coverage. See supported phones
  • Additional software/plug-ins required:
    • Requires download and installation of the Fring application on your supported phone.

Installation Level: Easy

Usage Level: Easy

Troubleshooting Level: Moderate

Downloads and/or Service Links:
Registration Page

Installation and Configuration:

Installation and User Guide (PDF)

Additional Resources: (FAQs, tutorials, documentations, manuals)