BulkSMS is a commercial SMS service which allows you to send SMS messages via a web site or through desktop software. It offers SMS coverage to over 500 networks globally.

Who's it for; Commercial SMS services are good for organisations who don't wish to invest in setting up an SMS hub such as FrontlineSMS but wish to send and receive bulk SMS messages.

Investment required Commercial SMS services require an internet connection and will usually require a credit card to sign up. Once set up they are easy to administer. They usually offer more competitive rates for larger amounts of messages.

Description: Bulksms is a Mobile Messaging Company . The company offers bulk SMS messaging via their web site, desktop software and electronic application interface (EAPI). Bulksms offers SMS coverage to over 500 networks globally.

Some services require software installation on desktop/laptop computers.

How it works:
A user must register online to use the following BulkSMS services

  • EMAIL to SMS

Website: http://www.bulksms.com/


License: BulkSMS Terms and Conditions

Cost: See the website for further pricing details.

Languages: English

System Requirements:

  • Operating System/s: Windows Operating System (98,2000,XP and vista) is required if you're going to use the BULKSMS TEXT MESSENGER service. Computer OS that can connect to the Internet and run a web browser.
  • Hardware: Desktop or Laptop with internet connection
  • Additional software/plug-ins required: Web Browser (Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE, etc.)

Installation Level: Easy

Usage Level: Easy

Troubleshooting Level: Moderate

Downloads and/or Service Links:
Registration Page,

Additional Resources: (FAQs, tutorials, documentations, manuals)